Digital Sub-Committee Terms of Reference & Forms

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  • Rights to copy the document within your Association only
  • Easy-to-change template in Word or OpenOffice format
  • Includes forms for complaint handling
  • Guidance notes provided
  • Includes 6 months implementation support



Politics at a local and national level can be shaken quickly by events unfolding online, but at times there are opportunities to shape events before they become problems. The establishment of a Digital Sub-Committee by each Association of the Conservative Party is a solution designed to both help the Conservative Party in this inter-connected age whilst preserving the sovereignty of local Associations.

The Digital Sub-Committee is an ideal opportunity for members with talent in digital to become a central part of the Association’s life whilst operating within the well-established structures of the Party.

How do you set up a Digital Sub-Committee?

The toolkit explains where the Digital Sub-Committee sits in relation to the Conservative Party’s structures and in accordance with the Conservative Party Constitution. The pack includes a template Terms of Reference file that you will need to pass at your Association, along with forms for handling any complaints invoked under the governance arrangements.

Is a Digital Sub-Committee Allowed?

Yes. Some Associations may feel able to handle social media through the Officers’ Committee, whilst some will prefer a more detailed approach that provides a clear structure and set of rules to follow both for members operating on social media and for those tasked with governing its use.

What do I get?

The pack includes:

  • Template Terms of Reference and explanatory notes
  • Complaint Form

Can I share the document?

When you purchase this pack you are provided a single-use non-transferable licence, which permits you to use the templates to implement the Digital Sub-Committee within your Association. Licenses are provided to the Association, not the individual who purchases the pack.  You may not share any template(s) with other Associations, and you may not re-sell the works.